Can You Treat Painful Corns at Home?

Can You Treat Painful Corns at Home?

Treating painful corns at home is possible by eliminating the pressure or friction that caused the corns to form, positioning moleskin pads to relieve pressure, and using moisturizing creams to soften the corn, states WebMD. Using over-the-counter salicylic corn remedies is discouraged, since it can cause ulcers and infections.

Avoiding the conditions to allowed the corn to develop is important to treating the corn and getting rid of it, notes WebMD. Although moleskin pads may help for average corns, a doctor may prescribe orthotics, or custom-made shoe inserts, if a foot deformity is causing the problem, explains the Mayo Clinic.

Moisturizing the skin helps to soften the corn, advises WebMD. Corn sufferers can ask a doctor’s permission to cover the entire area with a sock or plastic bag after moisturizing, and leave it on overnight while sleeping. The next morning,any dead skin should be removed by rubbing.

Soaking the skin in warm soapy water can also help to soften the corn, stated the Mayo Clinic. A pumice stone, washcloth or emery board can then be used on the corn to help thin out the thickened skin.

Stubborn corns that do not respond to home treatment may require shaving or trimming away of excess skin by a medical professional, according to the Mayo Clinic. Prescription-strength salicylic acid may also be recommended to help eradicate the corn.