How Can You Treat a Mild Head Concussion?


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Treatment for a mild concussion includes having the victim rest from physical activity and applying ice wrapped in a towel to the impact point. Using over-the-counter acetaminophen is the best way to alleviate the pain, and monitoring the patient for 24 hours is ideal, according to WebMD.

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How Can You Treat a Mild Head Concussion?
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While emergency medical care is not necessary for everyone who has a concussion, it is necessary to visit a doctor within a day or two after the incident. In some cases, that is the only care necessary. However, there are some signs that immediate emergency care is necessary, including seizure, unequal pupil size, confusion, passing out, inability to wake up, neck pain and slurred speech. For young children, emergency medical treatment is necessary if the child cannot stop crying or refuses to eat or nurse after head injuries, according to WebMD.

Even after visiting the doctor for the first time, there are some warning signs that the patient may need to return to the doctor. These include increasing confusion, dizziness, drowsiness, ongoing vomiting and worsening headaches. If these symptoms do not occur, the victim should improve within a week to 10 days. If no improvement takes place, even if the elevated symptoms do not occur, WebMD advises returning to the doctor for further evaluation.

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