How Can You Treat Mercury Poisoning?


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Mercury poisoning is treated differently depending on the type of mercury ingested as well as on the patient's symptoms, but it most often involves breathing tubes, suctioning the mercury from the lungs, humidified oxygen being delivered to the lungs, medications to get rid of the metal, IV fluids and activated charcoal, according to the National Institutes of Health's MedlinePlus. The most severe problems can occur from ingestion of elemental mercury, inorganic mercury and organic mercury.

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Peoplewho have not ingested a lot of elementalmercury can expect to make a full recovery, however, those who have had large amounts of the substance may end up with brain damage and lung damage. Inorganic mercury and organic mercury cause more immediate permanent damage and it can be difficult for people who have been exposed to these forms to recover.

Mercury is a common element that is found in water, soil and rocks as well as in tiny amounts in air. The severity of a person's mercury poisoning depends on the amount of time that the person was exposed to the mercury, the amount of the mercury andthe form such as inorganic mercury, vapor or methylmercury. Most of the problems that occur from mercury poisoning occur in the brain and in the body's nervous system reports eMedicineHealth. If someone has been exposed to mercury, they should see a doctor immediately or call the poison control center to ensure that treatment begins as soon as possible.

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