What Can You Do to Treat Leg Sores If You Are Diabetic?


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Diabetics may treat leg sores by thoroughly cleansing and drying the sore, applying moisturizer and topical cream to the infected area and reducing pressure on the limb, as stated by WebMD. Diabetics face particular challenges with skin sores and injuries; regardless of how small sores and injuries seem, physicians recommend treating all wounds immediately and properly. Diabetics typically employ standard skin treatment measures, including cleaning and drying the sore and applying a dressing, sometimes in conjunction with a compression sleeve for fast relief.

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Proper treatment of skin sores and infections in diabetics prevents spreading and expedites healing. Diabetics may start the treatment process by running the affected limb under warm water. They should take care to avoid hot water, which may exacerbate the sore. For benign rashes, such as Diabetic Dermopathy and NLD, a complication arising from restricted blood vessels, patients may apply moisturizer following showering and bathing. NLD presents problems only when sores open.

With diabetics, as with the general population, sores arise from various sources. Some pose less health risks than others. People with worsening sores or sores presenting with other signs of infection, such as swelling, redness and inflammation, should call their doctors, according to the American Diabetes Association. They may require clinical treatment with medication, called antibiotic therapy, or surgery.

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