How Can You Treat a Knee Injury?


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After a knee injury, standard treatment involves applying an ice packet, elevating the knee, using a compress such as a wrap or elastic banding, and resting the injured leg, according to WebMD. The exact treatment for a knee injury depends on the specific injury and individual medical history.

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How Can You Treat a Knee Injury?
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One common knee injury is runner’s knee, which is pain associated with overuse that causes the patella to shift from its place, explains TeensHealth from Nemours. Treatment for runner's knee includes over-the-counter pain medications. After the knee begins to heal, physical therapy exercises help condition the knee to recover and prevent further injuries.

An injury such as a meniscus tear, which occurs in a disc surrounding the knee, requires standard treatment and surgery for some patients. Injuries to cartilage in the knee require specific exercises to rebuild surrounding muscles, as well as electrical treatment and surgery depending on the case, according to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases.

Those with a knee injury need to follow up with a doctor, advises WebMD. Knee injuries resulting in extreme pain, loss of feeling in the limbs, a possible broken bone or the inability to carry weight require emergency attention from a medical professional.

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