How Can You Treat Hammertoe?


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Wearing shoes with insoles or shoe pads, wearing shoes that fit properly, taking certain medications and stretching toes may help treat a hammertoe, according to Healthline. Surgery may aid in counteracting a severe hammertoe.

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Wearing shoes with insoles may help relieve a hammertoe that results from a high arch, while gentle stretching may help restore the shape of the toe to normal, explains Healthline. Toe pads aid in alleviating pain and reversing the deformed shape. Nonprescription medications and cushions aid in treating bunions and corns. Creams that can be purchased over the counter may prevent blisters from rubbing against footwear, alleviating pain. Popping the blisters may aggravate the problem.

Surgery may help relieve painful corns and bunions, according to Healthline. The procedure may help reorient tendons and remove bone that is injured or deformed as well. Avoiding heels that are higher than 2 inches and wearing shoes that fit comfortably may help prevent hammertoes. If left untreated for a long period, the condition may spread to other toes, leading to deformity.

Causes of hammertoes include arthritis, foot injury, and tightened ligaments or tendons in the foot, states Healthline. Wearing pointed shoes and a family history of hammertoes may render a person vulnerable to the condition. Calluses, corns and bunions are risk factors for hammertoes as well.

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