How Can You Treat Gout at Home With All-Natural Products?


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To treat gout at home, people can use cold compresses, drink plenty of fluids and change their diet, according to WebMD. Resting and raising the joint is one recommendation until the pain subsides. Other remedies that may be effective are drinking coffee, taking vitamin C, and eating or drinking cherries, states Mayo Clinic.

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Icing the joint with a cold pack or compress for 20 to 30 minutes throughout the day may relieve inflammation and pain that occurs from the disease, notes WebMD. Drinking water can stabilize uric acid in the body, which can help gout symptoms, whereas dehydration can cause uric levels to rise and worsen symptoms. One diet recommendation is to avoid foods high in purines such as seafood, organ meats and fatty foods because they can increase uric acid levels, as can drinks with fructose and beer.

Some studies show that drinking coffee lowers uric acid levels, which relieves gout symptoms. but the evidence on this association is unclear, states Mayo Clinic. Vitamin C supplements may lower uric acid levels but may not affect severe gout attacks or prevent them from happening frequently. Cherries lower uric acid and reduce the frequency of gout attacks. People can eat cherries or drink their extract to receive these benefits.

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