How Can You Treat a Furry Tongue?


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The best way to treat a furry tongue is to gently brush the teeth two times a day, and brush the tongue or use a scraper, according to WebMD. It is also important to drink a lot of water during the day to keep the mouth clean.

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A fuzzy tongue, or black hairy tongue, occurs when too much yeast or bacteria begin growing in the mouth, states WebMD. This bacteria builds up around the projections on the tongue, the papillae. In most cases, the papillae shed, but with black hairy tongue, the papillae grow longer and resemble small hairs. Typically, the papillae are light in color, but as they lengthen, they begin to darken due to drinks and food or due to the yeast or bacteria that grows. The color of this yeast or bacteria is dark, so it causes the tongue to darken.

If home treatment does not work, it is important for an individual to contact a dentist or doctor for treatment, explains WebMD. The doctor may prescribe medications, such as antifungal drugs or antibiotics, to remove the yeast or bacteria causing the condition. It is also possible to treat a furry tongue with topical medications, such as Retin-A. If the condition still does not improve, the doctor may surgically remove the papillae of the tongue with electrosurgery or a laser.

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