How Can You Treat Fungus on Your Big Toenail?


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Doctors recommend topical creams, nail lacquers and gels and oral antifungal drugs to treat nail fungus, including fungus affecting the toenails, according to WebMD. Oral antifungal drugs, including the drug terbinfine, offer a cure rate of around 50 percent.

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For particularly tough cases of nail fungus, removal of the nail is sometimes the only option, notes WebMD. This allows direct application of antifungal medication. Because the warm, damp environment of shoes and boots encourages the growth of toenail fungus, and since toenails grow slower than fingernails, toenail fungal infections are more difficult to treat. Prevention of toenail fungus requires wearing shoes when walking in public areas, changing socks often, wearing 100 percent cotton socks and keeping the insides of shoes dry.

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