How Can You Treat Chapped Lips on a Newborn?

can-treat-chapped-lips-newborn Credit: Universal Images Group Editorial/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

According to SYmedicine, chapped lips on a newborn can be treated by applying lanolin to the lips. Lanolin is safe for the baby and promotes healing to eliminate the dryness and cracking of the baby's lips.

SYmedicine states that newborn babies are as susceptible to dry lips as children and adults. If the lips of a baby become chapped or dry, the baby may not want to eat due to the pain. Therefore, it is extremely important to treat chapped lips on an infant right away. An infant's chapped lips are easy to treat at home.

SYmedicine notes that if the baby is breastfed, leaving a little milk on the lips can help with chapped lips because there are healing and antibacterial properties in human milk. Applying a small amount of Vaseline to the baby's lips with a cotton swab or finger before bed also keeps the baby's lips moist throughout the night.

To prevent a baby's lips from becoming chapped, SYmedicine suggests keeping the lips covered while the baby is outside to keep the wind from hitting them. Wind constantly hitting the baby's lips can cause drying, which leads to cracking and chapped lips. Holding the baby inwards and facing away from the wind also prevents wind from hitting them.