How Can You Treat Cellulite on Your Legs?


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The best options for cellulite treatment are exercise and weight loss, according to WebMD. Laser therapy also treats cellulite by melting fat beneath the skin. While there are many other cellulite treatments available, there is not sufficient scientific evidence to suggest these treatments work.

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Scientific evidence does not support the use of cellulite creams for the treatment of cellulite. These types of creams contain an ingredient used for asthma treatment that can be harmful to individuals with circulatory issues or who have an allergy to the ingredients, warns WebMD. Liposuction, which is designed to remove deep fat deposits rather than cellulite, can actually increase the look of cellulite and cause more skin depressions. Mesotherapy, which involves injections, may slightly improve the look of cellulite, but risks are involved with this treatment.

Cellulite is a naturally occurring layer of fat beneath the skin, explains WebMD. The bumpy look of cellulite occurs because fat is pushing against connective tissues. Some causes of cellulite are a lack of physical activity, a slow metabolism, poor diet and dehydration. Hormone changes, total body fat and fad dieting can also cause cellulite. The appearance of cellulite does not always indicate that a person is overweight, as it also occurs in thin people.

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