How Can You Treat a Burn From Boiling Water at Home?

The appropriate home treatment for a burn from boiling water depends on its severity. Treat minor burns by removing constrictive clothing and items such as jewelry and belts from the affected area before it swells, advises Mayo Clinic. Ease pain by running cool water over the burnt area or use a clean, dampened towel. Avoid breaking small blisters, but if this occurs, use water and mild soap to clean the burn before applying an antibiotic ointment.

Cover the area with a nonstick gauze to eliminate the risk of infection, and apply a moisturizer to provide a soothing effect and prevent the wound from drying. Avoid applying ointments as they may infect the burnt area, cautions WebMD. Take a pain reliever such as ibuprofen or naproxen to counter pain as the wound heals, says Mayo Clinic.

Treat second-degree burns, which affect the top two layers of the skin, by cooling the area and covering it loosely with a nonadhesive bandage. Avoid ice, as it may lower the body’s temperature and damage tissue, cautions WebMD. Alleviate the risk of shock by laying the patient flat, elevating his feet slightly to allow blood circulation, and covering him before seeking a physician’s intervention. Doctors typically prescribe antibiotics and pain relievers and may administer a tetanus shot.