How Can You Treat a Blind Pimple?


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Treatments for blind pimples include a warm or ice compress, tea tree oil, aloe vera, apple vinegar and Epsom salts, according to NoSkinProblems.com. A combination of apple and honey, milk, lemon juice, rubbing alcohol and toothpaste may also help reduce the appearance of blind pimples.

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A warm compress helps bring the blind pimple to the surface of the skin, making it easier to get rid of, states NoSkinProblems.com. Using green tea or black tea bags instead of cotton balls in conjunction with a warm compress helps reduce inflammation. Using a mixture of mint, chamomile and calendula tea instead of warm water also helps treat blind pimples and even skin tone.

Honey contains antimicrobial properties that help fight pimples, and apples help firm skin, reports NoSkinProblems.com. To treat with honey and apples, first apply honey directly to the skin, wash off with warm water, and then apply a paste made of mashed apples and a tablespoon of honey directly to the skin like a mask. Leave the mask on for approximately ten minutes before rinsing.

Toothpaste that contains mint works similarly to a cold compress and helps reduce redness, pain and swelling as a result of blind pimples, explains NoSkinProblems.com. However, toothpaste may cause skin irritation on individuals with sensitive skin. To treat with tea tree oil, dilute with water by mixing approximately one part tea tree oil with nine parts water. Apply the solution directly to the skin with a cotton ball.

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