How Can You Treat Arthritis in Your Hands?


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According to WebMD, arthritis of the hand, also referred to as hand osteoarthritis, is treated in a variety of ways that include anti-inflammatory medications, analgesic medications, splints and steroid injections. Topical creams and cold therapy also help to minimize pain and discomfort. Surgical procedures such as joint fusion or reconstructive surgery may be recommended for individuals with chronic pain or those who experience difficulty when moving the joints.

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Healthline explains that in addition to medical treatments, individuals who suffer from hand osteoarthritis may also benefit by incorporating hand exercises into their daily routines. Finger bends, thumb bends and wrist stretches help to minimize joint pain and alleviate stiffness.

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, arthritis of the hands can be caused by injury, disease and normal wear and tear on the joints and tissues. Fractures of the joints are the most common injuries that lead to hand arthritis. Early symptoms of arthritis include burning sensations of the hand joints and stiffness upon waking. Sufferers may also notice joint pain during periods of rainy weather and experience increased difficulty opening jars and performing minor tasks with their hands. Later symptoms can include swelling of the affected joints, increased mobility of the surrounding joints, cysts on the fingers and joint instability.

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