How Can You Treat an Arm Rash?

An arm rash can be treated by using over-the-counter creams and antihistamines, applying natural treatments such as aloe vera, olive oil and chamomile oil, using any substance that acts as an astringent and by taking long baths, according to RashResource. Additionally, if the skin is infected, antibiotic creams may be effective. However, these require a prescription from a doctor.

RashResource states that one of the most common types of creams for arm rash is cortisone cream. People frequently use hydrocortisone creams to diminish redness, but other kinds of creams that can reduce itchiness and inflammation can also be applied. Topical steroid creams and creams that contain menthol, pramoxine or camphor are effective.

According to RashResource, using mild soaps or cleansers and adding oatmeal to the water when taking a bath can help minimize the inflammation and itchiness of rashes. Moreover, herbal products such as calendula essential oil, tea tree oil and St. John’s Wort are used for treatment. Additionally, some people also apply tea bags on the affected area to soak it up.

RashResource explains that if the rash results from an illness, prescription drugs might be necessary. Steroids such as prednisone are sometimes prescribed so that the person is capable of counteracting the medical problem that causes the arm rash. Furthermore, RashResource recommends consulting with a dermatologist or physician when experiencing an arm rash.