Where Can You Get Your Tooth Extracted for Free?

can-tooth-extracted Credit: Tetra Images/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Good places to check for free tooth extraction services are local free clinics or dental offices that participate in charitable dental networks, which provide basic dental services at no cost. Dental service providers such as Aspen Dental provide free dental care to veterans through its Healthy Mouth Movement program. The local chapter of the United Way and local and state health departments are valuable resources for information about free tooth extractions.

Cities such as Cleveland, Ohio, have free medical clinics that offer a range of health care services to people in need, including dental care. Patients make an appointment at the clinic for emergency tooth extractions, which are done based on dentist availability. The Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland offers bi-monthly tooth extraction clinics. If no free clinic is available, another option is to visit the Our State Programs page at the Dental Lifeline Network website and click on a relevant state link to find local dentists donating services. Dentists from around the country donate various services, but emergency tooth extraction may not be available in all states.

Low-income veterans can access free dental care from the Aspen Dental MouthMobile when it visits certain communities. While not free, dental schools often provide the public with low-cost dental care. Dental students perform procedures under the guidance of experienced licensed dentists.