How Can I Get Toned in Two Weeks?


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Set goals for your two-week fitness plan, and keep these goals in plain sight every day. Schedule time to exercise regularly, even if it is in 10 minute increments. Perform exercises that tone more than one muscle group, and eat healthy foods to further your body-toning efforts.

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  1. Clearly define your goal

    Write down your health goals for the next two weeks. This increases the likelihood that you will stick to the plan. Place your written goals on your refrigerator, or make it your computer screen saver so you'll always be reminded of them.

  2. Schedule exercise time

    If you don't have 20 or 30 minutes at a time to devote to exercise, break your workout regimen into 10-minute increments. Work on one section of your body during one 10-minute workout, then focus on another muscle group the next time you exercise. For instance, one exercise session can be devoted to toning your arms, and the can be devoted to defining the muscles in your legs.

  3. Perform toning exercises

    Workout moves such as the squat and shoulder press help to tone your thighs, arms and backside. Do at least eight to 12 reps each workout session to see fast results. The pull combo, a workout that targets the thighs and abs, is ideal for achieving muscle tone in a short period of time. The workout should be done eight to 12 times on one leg before switching sides.

  4. Pay attention to your diet

    Keep a digital food journal to document each of your meals. This will prompt you to make healthier food choices. A balanced diet nourishes the body and can make it easier for the body to achieve a toned appearance.

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