How Can You Get a Toned Body Fast?

How Can You Get a Toned Body Fast?

FitDay recommends Pilates as a good way to tone the body fast. It is a form of exercise known for its toning capabilities, and it is for people of all fitness levels. Cardiovascular exercise is also necessary, in addition to Pilates. Eating healthy foods sheds fat and exposes lean muscle too.

FitDay notes that Pilates focuses on the back and abdominal muscles, strengthening posture in the process. This form of exercise also works out the limbs. The muscles begin to elongate, rendering a person lean in appearance. Mat-based Pilates is recommended at least three times per week.

Another way to achieve a well-toned body fast is to do narrow-to-wide push-ups, according to Cosmopolitan. Start with the hands slightly outside of the shoulders. Once the push-up is completed, spread the arms further from the shoulders. It is best to do this exercise in short but intense intervals, lasting 30 seconds.

Cosmopolitan also mentions that toe-touches are another effective way of achieving a toned body faster. Lie on the back with both arms at each side. Raise the arms and legs until they intersect, forming an upside down v-shape. Lower all four limbs and repeat in short intervals.

The Times of India recommends creating a diet plan full of protein and fats to burn more energy. This also builds more muscles. Leafy vegetables along with dry fruits, such as oats or almonds, aid in toning the body