How Can You Get Toned Abdominals Fast?


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Women's Health mentions a move that requires getting in a push-up position and propping oneself up by the elbows to tone the abdominals. The body should be straight from head to toe. Tighten the abs and lift one toe from the ground and hold in place for five seconds. Lower and repeat with the other leg.

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According to FitDay, getting rid of fat reveals more muscle tone in the body. Eating a low-fat diet is another way of attaining well-toned abs. Eating less sugar sheds fat around the mid-section. Eating complex carbohydrates such as pasta and bread give a person more energy and results in less food cravings. Eating an ample amount of protein helps in building muscle.

FitDay notes that crunches build the upper abdomen, while reverse crunches work the lower abdomen. Bicycle crunches tone the oblique muscles as well. Tightening the muscles during everyday activities is also something to consider. Keeping the muscles tight while straightening the back when at work or when going to the car helps immensely. Sitting in a stable chair and keeping the abs tight while lifting the feet off the ground is another effective method. Using bent or straight legs is an option when doing sitting exercises. A simple standing exercise requires putting the feet together and lifting one leg in the air. The abdominal muscles should be tight and the back should be straight. Lower the leg and try with the other leg.

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