How Can I Tone up My Stomach?


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The stomach area can be toned by strengthening the abdominal muscles with core exercises, according to fitness website FitDay. Jack-knife sit-ups, V-ups, leg lifts and crunches are some of the most common exercises for this purpose.

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For jack-knife sit-ups, begin by lying on your back with arms by your sides. Lift head and legs off the floor while keeping legs straight, and hold them in this position for 3 seconds before carefully lowering them again. According to FitDay, these sit-ups work out all of the abdominal muscles. For V-ups, begin by lying on your belly before lifting head and legs off the ground and holding this position for several seconds. Complete 10 repetitions during each exercise period.

According to Woman's Day, leg lifts work out both the waist and the lower abs. Begin by lying facing up and propping up the upper body with both elbows. Lift the legs to form a V-shape with the rest of the body, keeping one knee bent. Slowly lower and lift the legs for 30 seconds before stretching the bent leg and bending the other. Complete another 30 seconds for this side. Shape Magazine adds that core exercises are more effective when performed at a fast pace, helping to activate the muscles.

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