How Can Toe Cramps Be Treated?


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Toe cramps can be treated by performing special foot stretching techniques, massaging the foot regularly, making certain dietary changes, and adding vitamin and mineral supplements to the daily routine, according to FootVitals.com. Staying off the feet as much as possible is recommended.

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A toe cramp is the result of involuntary spasms in the foot that often affect the toes, particularly the big toe, explains FootVitals.com. Pulling the toes upward helps to work out the cramp. Massaging the foot reduces muscle fatigue and stress, one of the causes of toe cramps. Proper foot stretching techniques, as demonstrated by a podiatrist or foot doctor, can relieve cramping when it starts. Staying off the feet as much as possible while applying ice for 20 minutes will help reduce spasms and cramping.

An elastic bandage wrapped around the foot can reduce cramping, notes FootVitals.com. To reduce cramping, wrap the foot in an elastic bandage and keep it elevated at waist level or higher. Maintaining continuous hydration in the body also assists in reducing toe cramps.

Eliminating sugar and caffeine from the diet can help reduce the occurrence of toe cramps. Increasing the intake of potassium, magnesium and calcium also aids in the reduction of cramps, according to FootVitals.com.

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