Where Can You Find Tips to Avoid Sodium in Your Diet?


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A person can find tips on sodium in the diet from online sources like the Kidney Foundation, American Heart Association and Mayo Clinic. An important tip on nutrition facts labels given by the American Heart Association is that people should observe and compare the guidelines for no-salt and low-salt foods when checking these labels. If a food states that it is sodium-free, then the maximum amount of sodium should not be greater than 5 milligrams per serving size.

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Similarly, a low-sodium food should not contain more than 140 milligrams per serving size. Although food products may make these claims, a person can check labels to confirm if this is the case.

Some other useful tips on lowering the sodium in the diet are to choose fresh meats, vegetables and fruits over processed products because they can contain less sodium, relates the National Foundation Association. An example of processed products are bacon and ham that can have high amounts of sodium in them. Another tip is to replace salt in dishes with spices to season or add flavor to food. However, people should limit the use of certain condiments like soy sauce that contains salt. A tablespoon of soy sauce is equivalent to 1,000 milligrams of sodium, explains the Mayo Clinic.

Dietary guidelines recommend that the daily intake of sodium in the diet should be 2,300 milligrams for people less than 51 years of age, and 1,500 milligrams if they are age or older or have medical issues like hypertension or diabetes, reports the Mayo Clinic. Diets that are high in sodium can lead to medical problems like hypertension and kidney damage.

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