How Can I Tighten Loose Ligaments?

An injured patient can work to tighten loose ligaments by resting the injured area, taking anti-inflammatory medications, moderately exercising the ligaments and participating in regenerative injection treatment, according to Caring Medical and Rehabilitation Services. Applying ice to the loose ligaments may also help strengthen the injured area.

Anti-inflammatory medications work to reduce inflammation within the ligaments to tighten the structure. Combining medication with physical therapy and the application of braces may help to tighten ligaments. In more severe cases, prolotherapy is often recommended, according to Caring Medical and Rehabilitation Services. Prolotherapy involves using regenerative injection treatment to repair incomplete healing of tendons and ligaments. The injection of a proliferant turns on the healing process and reduces inflammation caused by a loose ligament. New growth of the ligaments and tendons is stimulated with prolotherapy, causing thicker and stronger fibers within the tissues. In extreme cases, surgery may be necessary to tighten loose or torn ligaments.

Ligaments run the risk of loosening because they are prone to injury due to the natural aging process and wear and tear of the body during activity, according to Caring Medical and Rehabilitation Services. Water within connective tissues and joints decreases with age which causes cartilage to shrink and become brittle.