Can Thinking About a Skipped Heartbeat Cause One to Happen?


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Thinking about skipped beats can induce heart arrhythmia in that a perceived feeling of anxiety can trigger further anxiety, according to Harvard Medical School. When someone is already conscious of an anxious feeling, they can induce their own heart palpitations.

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As the Calm Clinic notes, when a person is feeling very distressed or nervous, their body will fill with adrenaline. When this happens, the heart may skip a beat in order to catch up with the surge of hormones in the body. Also, a person who is experiencing anxiety may be more sensitive to their heart's rhythm, and further thinking about the functioning of the heart can contribute to additional heart arrhythmia.

There are solutions to help people worry less about the functioning of their heart in times of anxiety. As detailed by Calm Clinic, making a point to relax and doing activities such as walking, which evens out the heart rate, can be beneficial.

Other activities that may help a person cope with anxiety better are also recommended, according to Harvard Medical School. Doing breathing exercises, meditation, tai chi, yoga or any other relaxing activity frequently can all work to reduce a person's overall stress level. It is recommended that anyone who has heart arrhythmia on a regular basis be evaluated by their doctor.

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