How Can I Help Thin My Cervix, and How Do I Know If It Is Already Thinning?

There are various natural methods used to help thin the cervix and prepare for childbirth, including relaxation, visualization, nipple stimulation, sex, homeopathy, walking and certain foods, according to OBGYN North. While there is little scientific evidence to support any of these methods, they are all widely used by women to help bring on labor and begin the process of thinning the cervix in preparation for delivery. See the doctor to check on progress.

According the Mayo Clinic, a woman does not feel the softening and effacement, or thinning, of the cervix. Much of the effacement of the cervix occurs during the last weeks of pregnancy as the body naturally prepares itself for childbirth. A doctor checks for effacement at regular checkups during the last month of pregnancy.

Because tension works against labor, relaxation and visualization are commonly used to help jump start labor, according to OBGYN North. Nipple stimulation, or the gentle rubbing and rolling of the nipples, encourages the start of contractions and overall thinning of the cervix in preparation for delivery. Sex helps to thin the cervix both through orgasm, which contracts the uterus, and the introduction of semen, which helps to soften the cervix. Pulsatilla and caulophyllum are both used as homeopathic treatments to ripen the cervix and promote labor. Herbs such as raspberry leaf tea and spicy foods are also thought to provide some changes to the cervix that promote labor.