How Can You Get Thick Hips?


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Do exercises that emphasize your hips, including lunges and squats. There are also several yoga poses that accentuate the hips while improving your flexibility. Consume a diet that is rich in carbohydrates and protein but free of junk foods. Stand up with your weight resting on one hip at a time, and sit on your hips often so that fat will build in this part of the body.

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  1. Do hip-enhancing exercises

    Workouts like squats and lunges accentuate the hips and strengthen the midsection and thighs. This defines the hips and gives definition to the body. These exercises can be done with or without dumbbells. Certain yoga poses can make the hips appear wider while increasing flexibility. They include the pigeon, the lizard and the cow face.

  2. Adjust your diet

    Foods that are high in protein and carbohydrates are essential for achieving thicker hips. However, foods like potato chips and soda should be avoided, as they are full of empty calories.

  3. Change your posture

    Stand up straight and let your weight rest on one of your hips while one leg is in front of the other. This creates an S-shaped silhouette and makes the body appear curvier. Sitting on your hips or backside prompts fat to accumulate quickly.

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