How Can I Get a Thick Body?

Eat every three or four hours, and choose foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients to feed your muscles. Drinking smoothies, low-fat milk and all-natural fruit juices also helps to put healthy weight on the body. Drink the smoothies after a workout or before bed. Exercise regularly to increase the appetite.

  1. Eat often

    Eat a small meal every three or four hours. This allows you to take in more calories without feeling overly full. Do not drink a beverage with meals, as this can fill you up and cause you to eat less. Choose healthy foods such as whole wheat bread, lean meats and peanut butter to get adequate servings of fiber and protein.

  2. Drink additional calories

    In between meals, drink smoothies, low-fat milk and fruit juices with no added sugar. According to WebMD, drinking protein shakes can help to add muscle instead of an excess amount of fat. For best results, drink a protein shake before and after exercising and before bed.

  3. Exercise

    In between meals, work out to jump start the appetite. Taking a brisk walk or jog before eating prompts the body to crave more calories and helps you to become thicker without putting on too much excess body fat.