Where Can You Get Tested for HIV?


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There are many locations where a person can be tested for HIV, including clinics, hospitals, doctor's offices, health departments, organizations that provide AIDS services and some pharmacies. Some other places that can do testing are family planning clinics and substance abuse programs. There arealso HIV home tests available.

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At the AIDS site, there is a locator provided where a ZIP code is inputted and the locations of the nearest HIV testing sites will be listed. The list also provides testing sites that have free HIV test. This online resource has more information like the types of HIV test that are available as well as the names of home tests. These home test are the Access HIV-1 Test System and the OraQuick Home test. The Access test involves sending blood sample to be tested by lab. The OraQuick test involves using a mouth swab and getting the results in a few minutes, relates WebMD.

The different tests for HIV can beantibody, rapid or the fourth-generation HIV test, relates WebMD. The antibody test results are available in a few days, while the rapid test can give results in about 20 minutes.

Some pharmacies like Walgreens also offerfree HIV testing events. These events are coordinated with the local health departments. HIV is thevirus that is responsible for AIDS. HIV can be treated. Getting tested can prevent the spread of the disease and helps in its early detection and treatment.

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