How Can You Tell If You and Your Partner Are Compatible?


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Compatible partners share basic values, have complementary temperaments and have at least some common interests. Compatible couples relate to each other authentically, balancing both honesty and respect for each other's feelings.

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The most basic form of compatibility between two people is sharing common values and beliefs. Couples who differ in their core moral values are unlikely to be compatible.

Egocentricity is another factor in compatibility. If both partners are highly egocentric, they are likely to disregard each other's needs. A relationship where one partner is highly egocentric and the other is highly nurturing of the other's needs is likely to be dysfunctional because the nurturing partner's needs won't be met. In a compatible relationship, both partners are attentive to their partner's needs while also making sure their own needs are fulfilled.

Couples who are similar intellectually and enjoy sharing thoughts and ideas are more likely to be compatible. If one partner perceives the other to be much less intelligent or unable to express her opinions, there is a higher likelihood of dysfunction in the relationship.

Common interests are a good indicator of compatibility. Couples need not share all interests in common, but successful couples have at least a few activities or hobbies they enjoy sharing.

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