How Can You Tell If You Are Ovulating?


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Strong signs that a woman is ovulating appear through changes to the texture of her cervical fluid, a rise in her basal body temperature and adjustments in the feel and positioning of her cervix, according to American Pregnancy Association. Additional signs include breast tenderness, increased libido and faint spotting.

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How Can You Tell If You Are Ovulating?
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Women who are ovulating may also experience light pelvic cramping localized to one side of the abdominals, bloating, and stronger senses of smell and taste, notes American Pregnancy Association.

Ovulation predictor kits are available to help a woman monitor her hormone levels and detect when her luteinizing hormone levels are at optimal levels for conception, explains BabyCenter. These kits are sold over-the-counter at most pharmacies and work similarly to pregnancy tests. They consist of a hormone analysis stick for a woman to urinate on, which then provides a reading of her LH levels.

Most of the signs related to ovulation require a woman to be familiar with her specific cycle. It helps if a woman tracks the characteristics of her cervix and keeps a daily record of its positioning, thickness and mucosal discharge for a few months to better recognize and predict when she is nearing ovulation. For example, women commonly experience little or no cervical discharge during most days of the month but are able to notice the expulsion of a liquid with a consistency comparable to egg whites for a few days. This is a strong indicator that a woman is nearing ovulation, notes BabyCenter.

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