How can you tell if you have a nervous rash?


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The signs of certain specific rashes, such as psoriasis, rosacea and hives, can indicate a nervous rash because those rashes have a tendency to flare up or worsen from stress, according to Healthline. Since stress has numerous other bodily effects, nervous rashes may coincide with acne and excessive perspiration.

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Psoriasis, a patchy buildup of scaly skin cells, is caused by inflammation, and in those who suffer from it, the condition tends to worsen with stress, according to Healthline. Similarly, rosacea may flare up in those who already have it. Rosacea is a rash that generally appears on the face as a red flush of cheeks, nose and chin.

Hives and angioedema can be caused by many things, including stress, allergic reactions, genetics or an underlying condition, explains Mayo Clinic. Hives are itchy, swollen red or flesh-colored bumps that vary in size. Hives have a tendency to resolve within a few hours, while cases of chronic hives may last for many months or years. Angioedema usually appears on the face, developing around the cheeks, eyes and lips. It appears as thick, swollen welts, and it can cause pain and warmth to the affected area. Some cases of angioedema can be life-threatening, and patients should seek immediate medical assistance if they experience swelling in the throat or difficulty breathing.

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