How Can You Tell You Are Leaking Amniotic Fluid?


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To determine whether the leak is urine or amniotic fluid, wear a sanitary pad for a short time, and examine the pad, suggests MedlinePlus. Amniotic fluid is typically odorless and clear, says Mayo Clinic. The leak may be accompanied by contractions or other signs of labor, such as losing the cervical plug, according to the American Pregnancy Association.

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Vaginal secretions and bladder leaks are frequently present in the last stages of pregnancy, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Unlike amniotic fluid, which is mostly colorless, vaginal discharge is typically white or yellow, states Mayo Clinic. Additionally, bladder leaks have an odor that isn't present in amniotic fluid.

Amniotic fluid leaks persist over time, and the leak typically saturates underwear, clothing or sanitary pads consecutively, according to Mayo Clinic. Small white flecks or blood-tinged mucus may be present in the amniotic fluid.

A gush of fluid also indicates the loss of amniotic fluid, according to MedlinePlus. Tell the physician if the fluid is green or otherwise discolored, as the baby requires special care if fecal matter is present, according to Mayo Clinic. Women should contact their doctor if they suspect their membranes have ruptured, as labor may need to be induced if it doesn't progress naturally after 24 hours, advises MedlinePlus

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