How Can You Tell If Your Husband Really Loves You?


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Men who love their partners make them feel appreciated, keep in frequent contact, compliment them without being prompted and offer comfort in times of distress. Kissing and physical acts of affection are other signs that a husband is still in love with his partner.

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A husband who really loves his partner will show many of the same signs of affection as earlier in the courtship. Listening and remembering small details of conversations shows love, as does helping with chores that aren't necessarily his to do. Obvious signs of physical affection and attraction are signs that a husband is really in love.

Some men have difficulty discussing feelings, but openly sharing emotions and feelings is an indication that a husband is in love. Alternatively, some men who are in love frequently say so. If a man who frequently said "I love you" stops saying it, that is a cause for concern. A husband who is in love and intends to remain married shares his hopes and dreams for the future with his partner as well.

If a man is in love, he is less likely to hold grudges and resentments from the past. He makes the relationship a top priority. He argues without belittling, humiliating or being condescending toward his partner.

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