How Can I Tell If My Foot Is Broken?

can-tell-foot-broken Credit: Adriana Varela Photography/Moment Open/Getty Images

The signs and symptoms of a broken foot include immediate throbbing pain, swelling, bruising and tenderness, according to the Mayo Clinic. It is common to feel or hear a snap at the time of injury, but it does not always indicate a fracture.

Individuals with a broken foot have a crack or fracture in one of the bones of the foot, according to WebMD. The region around the fracture typically feels tender and shows a bruise. The pain is usually severe and renders a person unable to walk. Patients can usually still walk if only the toes are broken, as fractured toes cause less pain. To check for a broken bone, individuals should take their shoes and socks off and compare both feet to determine the size of swelling in the injured foot. WebMD also advises searching for large wounds and exposed bones, which indicate more serious injuries and require immediate medical care.

WebMD explains that a broken foot commonly occurs when a bone is crushed, bent, twisted or stretched. People often break their toes when accidentally kicking something hard. Many people break their heels when falling from a height and landing on their feet. Twisting or spraining an ankle also typically leads to broken bones in the foot.