How Can You Tell the Difference Between Love and a Crush?

There are several differences between love and a crush, or infatuation. Infatuation is instant, while love develops gradually over time. Love is lasting; infatuation is short-lived. People who are in love are dedicated to their partners and willing to support them and solve problems through good and bad times. Love embraces flaws and imperfections. A crush focuses on the physical attraction and perfection of another person. With time, many crushes often transform into love.

Time is the best way to judge whether a relationship involves love or if it is just a crush. At first, most relationships feel like crushes. People who are infatuated are often overwhelmed and even jealous of the object of their affections. They see all the perfections and are caught up in a whirlwind of affection. Eventually, with time, a crush either disappears as people realize that they dislike some aspects of the objects of their desire, or, the crush develops into a loving relationship.

Infatuation has a passion that may be addictive. It often makes a person unhappy and insecure. On the other hand, love makes a person full of energy and content. Love feels safe and secure. Crushes usually focus on the self, while love becomes about the unit. Infatuation is a state of bliss; love is a state of trust and acceptance.