How Can You Tell What Dentists in Your Area Take BadgerCare Dental?


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As with most health and dental insurance plans, you can determine which dentists in your area accept BadgerCare Dental by calling BadgerCare Dental directly. Once you are connected with a representative, ask if any of their contracted providers are practicing in your area.

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If you are interested in a particular dentist, call that dentist's office to ask if she accepts BadgerCare Dental insurance. If an office confirms that its provider takes BadgerCare Dental, be sure to review the coverage of your plan. Deductibles, cost shares and co-pays can still make a visit to a health care professional expensive. In order to be prepared, read through your plan's explanation of benefits, or contact BadgerCare Dental customer service.

Alternately, you can check BadgerCare Dental's Provider Directory page online. This page gives region-specific information on providers that accept BadgerCare Dental insurance. Make sure to fully inform yourself of your plan's benefits before booking any kind of appointment.

Another important consideration when booking dental or medical appointments is to learn the provider's policies regarding late arrivals, cancellations and no-shows. Be sure to bring your insurance card with you to the appointment as well as the subscriber information if you are a dependent on the plan.

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