How Can You Tell If You Have a Brown Recluse Spider Bite?

Within hours, brown recluse spider bites may cause severe pain and swelling, blisters with a red ring and blue center, itchy rashes, ulcerations or pimple-like contusions with green or yellow pus, advises Other symptoms include joint pain, dark urine, fever, nausea, vomiting, seizures or chills.

When the spider bite occurs, the individual may not feel anything or just a sharp sting. It usually takes several hours for pain to develop, and the pain may become severe. Other symptoms include sweating and a general feeling of discomfort or illness. Seizure is a rare symptom, as are coma, jaundice, bloody urine and kidney failure. More serious reactions may occur in children, warns MedlinePlus.

Brown recluse spider bites are poisonous, and bitten individuals need to seek emergency medical treatment or contact poison control, recommends MedlinePlus. While caring for the bite at home, an individual can wash the area with water and soap. Then, they may apply ice wrapped in a washcloth on the site of the bite for 10 minutes. After 10 more minutes, they may reapply the ice and repeat the process. Individuals with circulatory problems are advised to reduce the period of ice contact.

Fatalities from brown recluse spider bites happen more frequently in children. Survival beyond 48 hours is often a sign of future recovery. With proper care, it may take as long as six weeks for an ulcer to heal, notes MedlinePlus.