How Can You Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating on You?

How Can You Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating on You?

Some signs that a boyfriend may be cheating include changes in his routine, changes in his voice when he talks on the phone, being more protective of his phone or email, and changes in his appearance. These practices are signs of cheating, not definitive proof, but they can help girlfriends stay aware in relationships.

Major changes in a boyfriend’s routine, such as staying later at work, leaving earlier in the morning, or suddenly adopting a new exercise regimen, may all be indications of cheating. A cheater is typically looking for excuses to leave the house, and a modified routine offers new opportunities for this.

A boyfriend whose voice changes when he talks on the phone might be cheating, particularly if his voice gets higher. Researchers at Albright University found that people generally alter their voices when talking on the phone to a romantic partner, with men’s voices becoming higher and women’s voices becoming lower.

A cheating boyfriend may become abnormally protective of his cellphone, email or social media accounts. While serious relationships require privacy to be successful, a boyfriend who refuses to be away from his phone or obsessively guards his social media accounts may be trying to hide something.

Changes in physical appearance may also be a sign of cheating, such as new clothes, new aftershave or more frequent visits to the gym. These attempts at physical improvement may be the signs of a new relationship.