How Can You Tell If Your Blood Sugar Numbers Are Low?


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Patients with low blood sugar levels can experience symptoms such as a rapid heartbeat, fatigue, sudden anxiety or nervousness, blurred vision and sudden mood swings, according to Healthline. Shaking, skin tingling, hunger, sweating and pale skin are other common symptoms of low blood sugar. Some patients can also have hypoglycemic unawareness or a condition that causes blood sugar levels to drop so rapidly that warning signs and symptoms aren't felt by the affected individual.

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Hypoglycemia occurs when a patient's glucose or blood sugar level drops too low, explains Mayo Clinic. While there are several conditions that result in hypoglycemia, the most common cause is the intake of medication used for diabetes treatment. Patients who experience heart palpitations, irritability, crying out while sleeping and a tingling feeling around the mouth can be suffering from hypoglycemia. Severe signs and symptoms of the condition include seizures, confusion, visual disturbances and a loss of consciousness. Patients suffering from severe hypoglycemia also tend to move clumsily and have slurred speech.

When a patient's blood sugar drops while he is asleep, his family members can notice a difference in his behavior, according to WebMD. Sweating, sleepwalking, restlessness, nightmares and accidentally getting out of bed are some signs of nocturnal hypoglycemia. Many patients wake up and report having a headache if their blood sugar dropped while they were asleep.

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