How Can Teens Lose Weight?


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According to KidsHealth, teens can lose weight by getting their loved ones' help and support, monitoring the calories in the drinks they consume, reducing portion sizes and eating with more awareness. It is also helpful for them to find activities that aid them in avoiding emotional eating. Mayo Clinic also says that regular exercise and a healthful, satisfying breakfast are tremendous assets to help teens lose weight.

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KidsHealth recommends thinking small from the start; no urgent changes are probably needed. Eating smaller meals and snacks as well as bypassing full-calorie sodas are a good start. After that, eating better and exercising more help teens continue on the right path.

Mayo Clinic says that a family doctor can help a teen decide on a healthy target weight and also give ideas. Teens should not focus on whether or not they are fat but rather on changing their lifestyles. They should avoid pills and fad diets. Sixty minutes of exercise a day is a goal for which to strive, but that hour can come in bursts of a few minutes here and there rather than in one or two lump sums. As for breakfast, high-fiber food can provide healthy energy for the day, but fruit, nuts, cheese or even leftovers may be simpler and help in weight-loss success.

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