How Can Teenagers Find Out If They Are Pregnant?


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Teenagers can find out if they are pregnant by taking a home pregnancy test available at drugstores and supermarkets or consulting with a physician who performs a urine or blood test, ultrasound or examination of the pelvis while evaluating symptoms, explains Healthline. Pregnancy tests are most accurate when taken a week after a missed period.

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Physicians who confirm a pregnancy in a teenager recommend regular office visits where the pregnant teenager's stomach is measured, blood pressure is taken and weight is evaluated, notes Healthline. A medical professional commonly listens for the baby's heartbeats and evaluates symptoms.

Teenagers who are pregnant commonly experience symptoms such as weight gain, breast tenderness, nausea and vomiting, or a general tired feeling, according to Healthline. A missed or light period and swelling abdomen are also signs of pregnancy. Teenagers who are pregnant have a higher risk of developing complications from high blood pressure related to pregnancy and becoming anemic, which can produce excess weakness and fatigue. Risks for babies born to teenage mothers include low birth weight and premature birth.

Teenage pregnancy refers to young women 19 years of age or younger, explains Healthline. Females who have unprotected vaginal sex with a male after they have begun having regular monthly periods have the potential to become pregnant.

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