How Can Teenagers Lose Weight Fast?


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For rapid weight loss in teenagers, WebMD recommends eating more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy and meat while drinking less soda and exercising more. WebMD also suggests monitoring weight on a weekly basis to keep track of progress.

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About Health advises teens to examine whether or not weight loss is truly needed and if so, how much, before embarking on a weight loss program. Teenagers generally gain weight during puberty because hormones cause an increase in muscle mass for boys and body fat for girls. This weight gain is normal and should not be dieted off.

WebMD recommends that parents and teenagers work together to determine a new diet and exercise program. Teens should start incorporating exercise into daily routines, whether walking to and from school, joining a team sport or playing fitness video games. Ideally, parents eliminate certain snacks for the entire family, not just the teens, and create a supportive environment by empowering them and helping build their confidence.

Extreme dieting is not safe for teenagers. According to research published in Paediatrics & Child Health, teenagers who diet without a definite end goal in mind risk nutritional deficiencies and disordered eating behaviors accompanied by long-term psychological consequences. Extreme dieting is considered fasting or skipping meals and abusing laxatives, diet pills or cigarettes to control weight.

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