How Can Teenage Girls Lose Weight?


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By working with their parents to form healthy eating habits and incorporate more activity in their daily routines, teenage girls can lose weight successfully, according to WebMD. Parental support is crucial for success; teenagers who live in unhealthy environments or are belittled for their size rarely lose weight.

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To lose weight, cut out liquid calories in soda and juice, add fruits and vegetables to meals and practice portion control as recommended by the MayoClinic. Confine eating to the kitchen to discourage unhealthy snacking behaviors and encourage mindful eating, whether by limiting screen time or eating as a family. Snacks should be high in protein and low in calories. Baby carrots, string cheese and low-fat yogurt are good choices. Meats should be low-fat lean cuts. Whole grains are high in fiber, and they contain vitamins and minerals lacking in white bread, making them both nutritious and more filling.

Exercise is crucial for long-term weight loss, says WebMD. Teenagers should focus on finding physical activities they enjoy rather than thinking solely of structured exercise routines. Dancing, skateboarding, hiking and biking all burn calories, can be done socially and are easily incorporated into daily routines. Variety is also advised to prevent stagnation and boredom.

Some teenagers may benefit from tracking their weight. Weekly weigh-ins with support and encouragement are suggested.

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