Where Can You Find a Surgeon Who Performs Trigger Finger Surgeries in Your Area?


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To find a surgeon who performs trigger finger surgeries nearby, consult a primary physician or use the American Medical Association's doctor finder site. The doctor finder site has a listing with information about the doctor's specialties, insurance providers and educational background.

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Trigger finger is a type of condition where the thumb or finger appendage is caught in a bent position and when unstuck, the finger "pops" back out, according to the National Institutes of Health's MedlinePlus. Sometimes the finger or thumb cannot be popped back out and is permanently stuck. The condition can happen in adults and children though it is most common among people who work or who perform activities that utilize gripping hands, are female, have gout or diabetes and are age 45 or older.

The symptoms of trigger finger include noticing the finger or thumb is bent, feeling pain when the finger is able to "pop" back into a straight position, feeling worse in the morning and noticing a painful bump by the bottom of the finger on the palm, reports MedlinePlus. The surgery for trigger finger involves making a cut into the finger and into the tendon that is stopping the natural movement of the finger. This cut will be miniscule.

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