How Can You Support a Mother in Labor?

A good way to provide support for a woman in labor is to act as an advocate for her when you talk to the doctors and nurses, as suggested by Parents Magazine. Talk about her wishes in advance so you know her preferences, and then do your best to make sure the doctors and nurses respect her birth plan.

Although the birth plan is important, you also need to listen to the pregnant woman in the moment, notes Parents Magazine. She may change her mind about some things, or a medical emergency may arise. If there is a medical reason for the changes, you can still advocate for her by asking questions and making sure you both understand what is happening.

Simply being there for her and providing small comforts is also helpful, according to Parents Magazine. If she wants to be touched, give her a gentle back massage. Get her food and drink if she is allowed to eat, as suggested by Applying a heating pad to her lower back can help with pain relief. If she has access to a shower or bathtub, encourage her to use it.

Providing companionship and distractions are also important, according to Parents Magazine. Her labor may be long and tedious, especially in the early stages or if she has an epidural. Talking, playing games or providing other entertainment helps relieve stress and boredom.