How Can I Get Stronger Arms?

How Can I Get Stronger Arms?

Increase the calories in your diet to get stronger arms. In order to increase strength in the arms, this part of the body should experience an increase in weight. Exercise the arms, but remember to take breaks in between to give the muscles time to grow. Track your progress to determine arm strength and growth every two weeks.

  1. Eat more

    Adding more calories to the diet can result in weight gain in the arms. Extra nutrition is also essential for building stronger muscles in the arms. Strong Lifts suggests eating every three hours. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, with the addition of a meal after your workout and two snacks.

  2. Avoid bicep curls

    Bicep curls stop the arm muscles from developing quickly. Strong Lifts suggests increasing squats and deadlift exercises to tone the muscles in the arms and increase strength in this part of the body instead.

  3. Rest in between exercise periods

    It's important to work out the muscles in the arms to increase strength and definition. However, muscles grow when they have time to rest, so it's best not to exercise every single day.

  4. Track your progress

    Flex your arms and measure them every two weeks. Keep a workout log to chart your progress. This will let you calculate whether you should increase or decrease your food intake or incorporate another exercise into your workout regimen.