How Can I Get a Strong Jawline?


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Depending on the cause of weakness in the jawline, various methods can be used to strengthen the jawline's appearance. According to Face Lift Dentistry, a corrective dental procedure can be used to improve a weak jawline caused by an overbite. Over time, an overbite can result in a collapsed bite that forces the chin to recess, causing an unattractive profile that is weak and out of balance.

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In addition to resulting in a weaker profile, a bite collapse can also cause a host of unpleasant symptoms, including jaw pain, clicking, popping, headaches, pressure in the ears, ringing in the ears and jaw muscle tiredness. According to Face Lift Dentistry, Dr. Sam Muslin, DDS, has created a solution to the problem of a collapsed bite without needing to grind down the surfaces of any teeth; the procedure compromises the function of healthy teeth and results in the appearance of a stronger jawline.

Chin implants, Botox and removable appliances can also sometimes correct a weak jawline that is caused by a recessive chin. Face Lift Dentistry explains that if the weak jawline is being caused by a collapsed overbite, other corrective measures still leave a jawline that is out of balance.


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