Can Stress Cause Night Sweats?


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Stress is one of the many causes of night sweats according to the Mayo Clinic. Just as stress and anxiety affect an individual during the day, they sometimes impact an individual at night when trying to sleep.

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Can Stress Cause Night Sweats?
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Night sweats, or excessive sweating at night, have other causes in addition to stress. According to osteopathic.org, some causes are quite logical. Those causes include eating spicy foods before bedtime, covering up with too many blankets, sleeping in a warm room and exercising close to bedtime.

The same source notes that many different medical conditions also cause night sweats. Those conditions include menopause, chronic sweating, certain cancers, infections, hormone disorders and hypoglycemia. Certain medications, such as antidepressants, may also cause night sweats. In some cases, medicines taken to lower a fever trigger night sweats when the fever breaks.

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