How Can You Stop Snoring?


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A person can stop snoring by changing sleeping position, seeking medical help, using commercial devices, quitting alcohol, losing weight, practicing good hygiene and changing pillows. Most people who snore have a condition called sleep apnea, which is a disruption of breathing during sleep. Prior to seeking medical attention, it is recommended first to try out natural methods.

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How Can You Stop Snoring?
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Sleeping on the back can make an individual snore. Using a full-length pillow that supports the whole body can help to reduce snoring. Excessive weight may also lead to snoring in some people, so in this case weight loss may be the answer. Alcohol lessens the resting tone of muscles, making a person likely to snore, so avoiding alcohol before bed can reduce snoring. A person who works for long hours without sleep is also likely to experience snoring. Therefore, having enough sleep is necessary. Staying well-hydrated can also help to prevent the condition.

Using clean pillows every day can also reduce snoring since there may be allergens on the regular pillows that are causing snoring, as stated by WebMD. If the snoring cannot be prevented, one can opt to use commercial devices. For example, a nasal strip helps to widen the nostrils. Some snoring cases may need surgery to fix any problem in the airways.

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