How Can I Stop My Period for a Day?


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There is no reliable and scientifically proven means to stop menstrual bleeding once it has begun. It is possible to end menstrual bleeding through surgery or suspend the menstrual cycle with the use of birth control; however, these are long-term options, as noted by Med-Health.net.

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Although there are multiple options for suspending or delaying a woman's period via various birth control methods, none of these options is fast acting or quickly reversible, as mentioned by WebMD. Hormonal birth control takes roughly one month to take effect and has various side effects, such as increased risk of blood clots and heart attack.

Surgery is also an option; however, surgery is likely to have a negative effect on future fertility, as noted by Med-Health.net. Surgery may also have adverse side effects ranging from infection to pulmonary edema, according to WebMD.

There are various folk remedies that are claimed to help in the stoppage or delay of periods, such as drinking gelatin and water or sucking lemons, but these are scientifically unproven and not to be relied upon says Med-Health.net. For the temporary suspension of menstrual bleeding, birth control, either via the shot or pill, is probably the safest and most convenient method.

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